Why Are Chatbots Essential For Business? Top 6 Reasons

Why Are Chatbots Essential For Business? Top 6 Reasons

How often have you encountered an issue with a specific product or service and wanted to reach out to the company for some help? Going to their contact us page, finding their email id or phone number and raising a ticket is a long and tedious process.

Even if you end up following all the steps, chances are, that you will be kept waiting at the end of a painfully long phone call which is no conversation and all music, interrupted by reassurances that your call is important to the company.

As a company, you wouldn’t want to lose new customers to this inconvenience. Today, users want immediate responses. This is the age of WhatsApp. The era of text messaging and expectantly awaiting a reply is long gone. Deep satisfaction is derived from seeing the words-X is typing.

Offering your customers a means of communication in the form of a chatbot on the homepage of your website or app will result in better customer engagement. Seeing instant replies from the bot will reassure them that their queries are being received and attended to.

A chatbot is a basic business need. It will save you time and costs while allowing you to provide better customer service. According to Relay, approximately 52% of the B2B companies have deployed a chatbot on their website.

Chatbots For Business


1. You Can Automate Replies For Repeat Queries

You must have noticed that a large number of users often have the same basic queries. Engaging your customer support team to solve the same problems over and over again is actually wasting your resources when you can automate the replies to such issues.

With artificial intelligence, your bot will start understanding the various different ways in which the same question is asked and will start replying with the appropriate answers. Or you could have a fixed set of questions for basic queries wherein the users can select from a list and the bot will answer accordingly. According to a study by Smallbizenius, about 85% of the interaction with customers will happen without any humans by 2021.

2. Reduce The Load On The Support Staff

The support staff in any organization is always busy handling calls and responding to user queries. They often have no time to breathe. Despite working so hard, they are still left with pending queries at the end of the day which they have to come in and tackle in their next shift.

With chatbots, a lot of these problems will be redirected and taken care of by the bots, leaving the support staff with enough time to focus on the more complex issues. A bot will also have a handling capacity much higher than that of a physical person. Your organization will collectively be able to resolve more queries with the implementation of a chatbot.

3. Generating More Leads

Sometimes, customer engagement is not all about problems. Users might have certain questions related to your product in the exploration and decision phase. With an automated chatbot that can converse with the customer, guidance can be provided with respect to the various product offerings and the next steps in the process.

This seamless navigation results in a higher chance of a conversion. Thus, your chatbot can be used to generate leads for your business, a vital aspect of sales.

4. Global Reach

When you have an actual person attending phone calls and replying to user queries, he or she might be able to converse with the customer in one, two, or at the most three languages.

With a chatbot, you can integrate various languages using easy to install plugins and reach a much wider audience. By eliminating the language barrier, you can reach not only a more diverse set of domestic markets but also global markets.

5. Cost-Effective

Chatbots are extremely cost-effective. Their development costs are low in comparison to the cost of developing entire platforms. If you don’t want to choke your development team’s bandwidth by engaging them in chatbots, you can use the infrastructure already available in the market for your platform. According to Accenture, 57% of businesses agree that chatbots provide a large ROI with minimum effort.

Companies like Facebook provide APIs that can be easily integrated with your system and you can have a chatbot at your disposal in no time.

6. Stay Updated With The Current Trend

Most companies nowadays have an integrated chatbot on their website or app. If you don’t have one yet, your competition has an edge over you.

In spite of having a superior product, you might lose your customer to a competitor because they offered better customer service in the form of assistance through a chatbot.

In Conclusion – Why Are Chatbots Essential For Business?

Man chatting with chat bot through phone

If you’re not deploying a chatbot, you’re leaving sales on the table. New customers end up buying from websites or apps where they can find assistance easily to get whatever it is they are looking for. Existing customers tend to be loyal to brands where their queries are easily resolved with minimum response times.

A chatbot is extremely essential for your business. Without it, you’ll always be one step behind in the game.

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