A crazy old picture of the foodie all happy after eating a delicious meal

Describe Sneha in one sentence:
A foodie obsessed with losing weight!

My husband says all I can think about is food. I start thinking about my next meal before I finish the previous one. I can spend hours obsessing about what I’m going to eat next. Restaurant menus feel like a book that I can read all day. All my vacations revolve around food. I have made my bae walk for kilometers in search of a specific place that I have wanted to eat at. I can do anything for good food!

In 2017, I translated my passion for food into a restaurant, which unfortunately had to be sold a year later, but I am still trying to pursue my dream of making it big by doing something of my own.

An engineer and an MBA by education, a teacher and a writer by profession, I live life on my terms. Life is too short to wonder “what if”. I believe in following my instincts and going after the things I love.

My most favorite thing in this world, after eating, is watching cheesy rom-coms. I am a Bollywood freak and I have literally been in love with Shahrukh Khan my entire life. I am also a huge fan of Shinchan. I know, I know, I’m weird. And since we are already there, I love Jughead too!

Being the foodie I am, I love to cook. Apart from that, I like to dance, play squash, read and paint. Growing up, my best friend was Harry Potter and although we grew apart, we still reminisce from time to time.

I have embarked upon this journey of writing and sharing what I know with you, and I hope to continue for a long long time with your support. So let’s begin exploring …

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